NPCoin wallet에 오신 걸 환영합니다!


Dear All Npcwallet Users:

FINAL REMINDER to transfer out all your coins in npcwallet latest by 26/2/2019 23:59hrs utc+8.

Due to request from members who have yet to transfer out their coins in npcwallet during the 1 month notice period earlier, we hereby grant access and re-open the Sending function for 2 weeks from 13/2/2019 to 26/2/2019. This will be the last and final access to and thereafter the server will be discontinued and unable to access.

We strictly insisted all users to transfer all your balance coins in npcwallet and any remaining coins inside cannot be accessed thereafter and we hold NO liabitilies in whatsoever circumstances.

This served as the Full and Final Reminder.

Thank you.

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